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International Institute of Public Finance


Member of the IIPF Board of Management, 2015–2018

Status of CV: for elections, Summer 2016

Ph.D. in Economics, Universiteit van Amsterdam, May 14, 2002. Thesis: Public Finance and Human Capital, September 1997 – May 2002
M.A. in Economics, Universiteit van Amsterdam, September 1991 – August 1997

Professor of economics and public finance, Erasmus University Rotterdam, September 2007 – present, Professor of economics and public finance, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Assistant professor Universiteit van Tilburg, August 2005 – August 2007
Assistant professor Universiteit van Amsterdam, August 2005 – August 2007
Jean Monet Fellow, European University Institute, Florence, September 2004 – July 2005
Post–Doc Researcher, Department of Economics, Universiteit van Amsterdam, May 2002 – January 2005
Researcher, CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, December 1999 – September 2004

Other Activities
Member of the Scientific Board of the 2014, 2011 and 2008 congresses of the International Institute for Public Finance.
Member of the Scientific Board of the 2012, 2009, 2008, 2007 congresses of the European Economic Association.
Organizer Tinbergen Institute Annual Conference 2011 (joint with Pieter Gautier).
Co-organizer Tinbergen Institute Research Seminar, 2008-2014
Member of the Economic Policy Panel, Economic Policy, 2009-2010
Associate Editor Finanzarchiv, since October 2009
Academic Partner CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Research, since 2009
Member of the advisory board of the Norwegian Center of Taxation, since 2013.
President of the Royal Dutch Economics Association, since December 2014.

Selected Publications
Jacobs, Bas, and Ruud A. de Mooij (2015), "Pigou Meets Mirrlees: On the Irrelevance of Tax Distortions for the Second-Best Pigouvian Tax", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, forthcoming.
Jacobs, Bas, and Hongyan Yang (2015), "Second-Best Income Taxation and Education Policy with Endogenous Human Capital and Borrowing Constraints", International Tax and Public Finance, forthcoming.
Jacobs, Bas, and Robin Boadway (2014), "Optimal Linear Commodity Taxation under Optimal Non-Linear Income Taxation", Journal of Public Economics, 117, (1), 201-210.
Jacobs, Bas (2013), "From Optimal Tax Theory to Applied Tax Policy", FinanzArchiv, 69, (3), 338-389.
Jacobs, Bas, and Dirk Schindler (2012), "On the Desirability of Taxing Capital in Optimal Social Insurance", Journal of Public Economics, 96, (9-10), 853–86.
Jacobs, Bas (2012). "Optimal Redistributive Tax and Education Policies in General Equilibrium", International Tax and Public Finance, 20, (2), 312–337.
Jacobs, Bas, Dirk Schindler and Hongyan Yang (2011), "Optimal Taxation of Risky Human Capital", Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114, (3), 908–931.
Jacobs, Bas and Lans Bovenberg (2011), "Optimal Taxation of Human Capital and the Earnings Function", Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13, (6), 957-971.
Heckman, James J., and Bas Jacobs (2010), "Policies to Create and Destroy Human Capital in Europe", in: Edmund Phelps and Hans-Werner Sinn (eds) (2010), Perspectives on the Performance on the Continent's Economies, Cambridge-MA: MIT-Press, 253-323.
Jacobs, Bas, and A. Lans Bovenberg (2010), "Human Capital and Optimal Positive Taxation of Capital Income", International Tax and Public Finance, 17, (5), 451-478.
Jacobs, Bas (2009), "Is Prescott Right? Welfare State Policies and the Incentives to Work, Learn and Retire", International Tax and Public Finance, 16, 253–280.
Jacobs, Bas (2007). "Real Options and Human Capital Investment", Labour Economics, 17, (6), 913-925.
Jacobs, Bas, and Sweder J.G. van Wijnbergen (2007). "Capital Market Failure, Adverse Selection and Optimal Financing of Higher Education", FinanzArchiv, 63, (1), 1-32.
Jacobs, Bas, and Frederick van der Ploeg (2006). "Guide to Reform of Higher Education: A European Perspective", Economic Policy, 537-592.
Bovenberg, A. Lans, and Bas Jacobs (2005). "Redistribution and Education Subsidies are Siamese Twins", Journal of Public Economics, 89, 2005-2035.
Jacobs, Bas (2005). "Optimal Income Taxation with Endogenous Human Capital", Journal of Public Economic Theory 7, (2), 295–315.

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